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Why Suburbia is Bad for Us

(Image Source: The Week) Before I go into this any further, I am not criticizing suburbs in general. This post is about criticizing the suburban design of North American and Australian towns. How we live our life moulds our social relationships and personalities. The way our suburbs are structured not only affect us economically, but … Continue reading

Why suburbia sucks

Originally posted on Likewise a Blog:
I’ve written some in the past about how the predominant suburban design of the US of the worst features of life here, viewed from the perspective of a European immigrant like me, at any rate. Far from posing a mere logistical or aesthetic problem, it shapes–or perhaps more accurately,…

My Movie Review of Serial Mom

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)   It’s October, time for horror movies. However around my birthday back in March, I stumbled upon this very interesting dark comedy film called “Serial Mom”. It starred Kathleen Turner as Beverly Sutphin, a typical suburban housewife who is secretly a serial killer murdering people over the most trivial of perceived slights. … Continue reading

Mississauga and the Lack of a Centralized Downtown

(Source: Lifelong Learning Mississauga) Well, it’s been years since I’ve written anything on this website and a lot changed. I’ve graduated from Sheridan. After I graduated school a long time ago, I’ve been working as a web developer and a graphic designer. My main transportation was using the Mississauga Transit. For that that period of … Continue reading

The Art of Writing Song Lyrics

(Source: Me) In case, you may not know, I’m a part time Musician/Songwriter. Comme des Radios is my own little band name. I’m a one person band. I write my own lyrics and I create the tunes for the instruments all by myself. I’m currently waiting for my first song to be finally edited, and … Continue reading

The Process of Writing my Story

(Source: Google) For our final assignment in our Digital Stories class, we have to write either a fiction or a non-fiction story. I chose to do the fiction story. I had to write a script that’s 10 – 20 pages, and I have to insert 4 If/Then moments. The script also had to include the … Continue reading

Problems with WordPress

(Source: Me) You know, I was going to do a blog about “The story of Sandy” talking about Sandy’s impact in the US eastern coastline and a story format. But no, I couldn’t. Here’s my own little story I’ve got. Over a month now, WordPress couldn’t even post, or save my drafts properly, therefore I … Continue reading

Stories in Songs: Fake Plastic Trees

(Source: Youtube) Here is one of my favorite songs that tells a lot in 4 minutes. It’s Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”, that was released in their album The Bends in 1995. In the first verse, is an image of a woman growing a plant, trying to create something. But it’s not a sincere thing she … Continue reading

My Movie Review of Show Me Love

(Source: Seriesam) “I’ll never get back together with someone: I’ll become celibate.” “Why must we live in f—ing Åmål?” “Do you know that people are talking about you?” “I’d rather be happy now than in 25 years.” Those are the quotes translated inside from the movie poster above. This is probably one of my most favorite … Continue reading

The Age-Old Question: Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

 (Left photo: A lecture in Sheridan College at Oakville; Right photo: Japanese school kids on a trip; Sources: Me) Someone once said the grass is much greener on the other side. Well, I’ve paid a visit to Japan for 2 weeks. And from what I compare my observations from Japan to here at home, the … Continue reading