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My Movie Review of Serial Mom

serial_mom(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


It’s October, time for horror movies.

However around my birthday back in March, I stumbled upon this very interesting dark comedy film called “Serial Mom”. It starred Kathleen Turner as Beverly Sutphin, a typical suburban housewife who is secretly a serial killer murdering people over the most trivial of perceived slights. The film also co-stars Sam Waterson, Mink Stole, and Ricki Lake.

I find this film very predictable but interesting at the same time for its genre. It was also amusing at times, especially in the beginning. It wasn’t the timing of the murders that were executed, but on type of crimes she committed. On Beverly’s first crimes, were vulgar harassing letters and very obscene phone calls to her neighbor Dottie Hinkle (Mink Stole).


(Source: Youtube)


(Source: Earwolf)

You predicted something crazy would happen, just didn’t expected what kind. Then later in the film, they didn’t extract some sort of zeal and manic joy from their atrocities. You realize that something is miscalculated at a fundamental level. The film then loses its comedy. Turner’s character is helpless and unwitting in a way that makes us feel almost sorry for her and that undermines the humor. Her character just ends up brutally murdering anyone that triggered her, to a point where it seems the film is trying to force a laugh out of you.  She isn’t funny crazy, she’s sick crazy. This movie is very similar to “Clifford”. This is a film where the comedy doesn’t work because at some underlying level the material generates emotions we feel uneasy about.


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