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The Art of Writing Song Lyrics


(Source: Me)

In case, you may not know, I’m a part time Musician/Songwriter. Comme des Radios is my own little band name. I’m a one person band. I write my own lyrics and I create the tunes for the instruments all by myself. I’m currently waiting for my first song to be finally edited, and I’m currently working on my second song. What inspires me to make music, is basically I have a depressing life, involving family, personal, and social issues. And when I’m very miserable I would listen to emotional music, or happy music just to make me feel better. Which later, makes me want to make my own tunes, and write my own lyrics. Whenever I feel sad, I go outside for a smoke, and I then play on my guitar. Just so I can escape from reality.

Many people ask me how do I write my song lyrics. To me, the process of writing song lyrics is like the process of writing a story. I find making the melody/tunes to my songs very easy to do, but writing the words I want to sing may take some time. It takes some weeks, for me to gather all the lyrics from my head, based on what I’m feeling. When I finally know I want to say, it takes me a few hours to write down. I think it’s easy to write lyrics especially when you’re feeling strong emotions, especially from your surroundings. Many words can come through all at once, but when my mind settles down, I can concentrate on my feelings and write it down.


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