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The Process of Writing my Story

https://i1.wp.com/www.oscars.org/library/collections/scripts/images/vert_scripts.jpg(Source: Google)

For our final assignment in our Digital Stories class, we have to write either a fiction or a non-fiction story. I chose to do the fiction story. I had to write a script that’s 10 – 20 pages, and I have to insert 4 If/Then moments. The script also had to include the main character’s transformation in the story.

The process of writing a fiction story seemed challenging at first considering the numerous types of stories I can write about. It was also challenging at first since I have to write it in such a short deadline. But eventually I figure out to write a type of story that I wanted to read myself, a story that can pull me in emotionally, and some characters that has something in common with similar personality traits similar to myself and other characters that are completely opposite of myself to keep the plot interesting. Then the process became much easier.

What I like about writing a fiction story is that you can put as much of your imagination as you want to. I just simply imagine the plot in my head, and the dialogue that’s going to be in the script. Since it’s a script, I try to write as descriptive as possible since it’s hard to follow on just words alone without a visual. I didn’t really think it was necessary to add in the If/Then moments in my story since it would just spoil it, and that my story has a lot of important moments to be read.

Otherwise, this was a fun thing to do.


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