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Problems with WordPress

(Source: Me)

You know, I was going to do a blog about “The story of Sandy” talking about Sandy’s impact in the US eastern coastline and a story format. But no, I couldn’t. Here’s my own little story I’ve got.

Over a month now, WordPress couldn’t even post, or save my drafts properly, therefore I end up losing all my data in the blog, leaving an empty space with the title. I’ve done this over and over, trying to see if I can actually post the whole damn this time, but NOTHING GOOD HAPPENED. This got me so frustrated. I don’t even know why it was happening. I thought maybe because I was using the Macs in my computer applications class. So then I’m thinking “Oh maybe I should try my desktop in my room like usually where I usually do my blogs”. Okay so I do that, but I still get the same damn problem. So then I just gave up, since I have other things to do.

It’s those kind of stories, where instead of having a problem but it then gets easily resolved, with this story I have, the problem first started it out small, since it was first only a picture it couldn’t post. But then later, it gets worse and worse, thinking there’s no hope to this. I have posted blogs from Sheridan’s Macs before and it was successful. I don’t why this time it became a fluke.

All what came out of this, is a very angry protagonist in the end.


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