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The Age-Old Question: Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

Photo: Above the crowd. 1467287_10151739129996432_1672437979_n
 (Left photo: A lecture in Sheridan College at Oakville; Right photo: Japanese school kids on a trip; Sources: Me)

Someone once said the grass is much greener on the other side. Well, I’ve paid a visit to Japan for 2 weeks. And from what I compare my observations from Japan to here at home, the “grass” is definitely different, but yet it’s exactly the same.

From all what we have learn about Japan in general, is that their technology is 2 years ahead of ours, and that the girls wear their ‘Sailor’ school uniforms. Yes, that’s all true. They’ve also have technically advanced toilets as well, and cigarette/alcohol vending machines. Though it seems that everyone thinks that the Japanese life a ‘bubbly’ life, such as in their anime, a better life of what us folks back at home believe. However, that’s far from true. In fact, their lives are ordinary and busy just like ours, maybe more depressing. Whenever I look at a young Japanese person after school/work at subway during rush hour, the emotions in their faces look very miserable. With strict school codes and a fluctuating economy, perhaps that’s why they have the highest suicide rates in the world. But when the weekend comes by, they go with their group of friends to bars and make up their depressing weekdays to have a good time.

Till further notice, I’m in between the two worlds of the west and the east. But from where I’m standing, both grasses are equally green.


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