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My Movie Review of Show Me Love

(Source: Seriesam) “I’ll never get back together with someone: I’ll become celibate.” “Why must we live in f—ing Åmål?” “Do you know that people are talking about you?” “I’d rather be happy now than in 25 years.” Those are the quotes translated inside from the movie poster above. This is probably one of my most favorite … Continue reading

The Age-Old Question: Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

 (Left photo: A lecture in Sheridan College at Oakville; Right photo: Japanese school kids on a trip; Sources: Me) Someone once said the grass is much greener on the other side. Well, I’ve paid a visit to Japan for 2 weeks. And from what I compare my observations from Japan to here at home, the … Continue reading

My Movie Review of American Beauty

(Source: Youtube) “You see a street, like any street. Look closer. You see a man, who’s hardly there. Look closer, look closer, look closer. Work. Family. Neighbors. Change. Beauty, American beauty. Look closer.” During the past summer, I have decided to watch the movie “American Beauty”, starring Kevin Spacy and Meni Suvari, also co-starring Anette … Continue reading